Kind words that warm my heart!

Words from Jacquie

 We had the pleasure of Karie coordinating our wedding and doing makeup. I'm not sure what we would've done without her. She did such a wonderful job and we enjoyed working with her so much. She did a wonderful job on mine and my mother's makeup, and everyone looked beautiful. She's got just the type of personality and organizational skills to make things work seamlessly. We're blessed to have had her coordinating our wedding. 

Words from Mallory

I ABSOLUTELY love Karie, she was my makeup artist and planner. My wedding was absolutely perfect there was not a single thing that could have been changed. Whatever was needed it was done by her! Even the owner of our venue said that it has never looked this good! Anyone who uses karie will not be disappointed!! Love her!!

Words from Kendra

I can't say enough amazing things about Karie! She was my wedding coordinator & makeup artist for my wedding a few weeks ago and she did a FANTASTIC job with both! She made sure every detail was totally taken care of before, during, and after the wedding and made my life so much easier! I would absolutely recommend her services as there's no one better:) 

Words from Jessica

Karie is the best EVER!!!!    posted 12/8/2014    

 I don't even know where to begin to describe how amazing Karie is. My wedding day was absolutely perfect; I had the BEST day of my entire life and I honestly owe it to Karie. She made sure everything was exactly how we wanted it and that we spent every second enjoying our special day. Our cake/cupcakes showed up hours late but she handled it and I had no clue about it! She kept things flowing smoothly and as stress-free as it could possibly be! I HIGHLY recommend Karie for any and every wedding or party-even if you're like me and had almost every detail already planned, Karie is the magician that makes sure it all happens and that you have nothing to worry about on the day of. She thinks of every little detail, has amazing ideas and recommendations, and has a million tips and tricks up her sleeves. Karie was absolutely worth every penny, in fact, I feel it was a bargain for all the incredible that she is. 

Words from Karlee

AMAZING!!!!!!!    posted 12/8/2014            

Karie Greiner was my last minute wedding planner (I found her a month before the big day!) and honestly have NO IDEA what I would have done without her there. I originally thought I could take on wedding planning solo...but all the little last minute details and planning became overwhelming. So in came save the day, literally. She took care of SO MANY nitty-gritty details I hadn't even thought of (and mind you I'm very type A...I had a binder, checklists, etc.). She was worth every penny! The day of she handled everything from crazy drunk family members to making sure decorations were beautiful, to timing of speeches, the ceremony, basically EVERYTHING, and she even stayed to help tear down/load gifts. I really can't say enough good things about her...if you want your day to go off without a hitch, use Unforgettable Wedding and Events!!!                             


Words from Matt

We she's fast, always a cheer to be with, super honest, knows a lot of people. Our wedding was some where around 300k and it was all you would expect. Lots of people lots of moving parts and was all designed and set up by her. She had never done such a big grand style wedding before and I expect they are all very different. I honestly can't tell you if she is priced good or not because is was ultimately not an issue, we loved her and that was a big part of working with her. She's only going to get better so FIND HER LOCK HER UP AND SAVE HER FOR YOUR WEDDING SHES WORTH IT. We love you Matthew & Joan